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We Grow Faster By Growing Together

Flexibility, creativity, technology and, above all, total complementarity between strengths are the fundamental ingredients in the success of a Group that grows stronger with every project. The various companies are specialised and differentiated in terms of technology and production but interact to create financial, commercial, logistical and constructional synergies. These factors, together with a strong client orientation, are the basis for the Group’s success in producing high-quality, high-technology products. The parent companies ensure the strategic coordination of the subsidiaries, as well as defining their structure and financial management, with the benefit of 50 years’ experience in the market, in a Group which has made innovation, diversification and specialisation the key to its development.

Real Estate Investments and Services

Development activity and investment in complex real estate operations, achieved through autonomous financing and institutional investors, aimed mainly at the office, residential and retail sectors. Initiatives are implemented through the internal platform specialising in real estate portfolio development and management services. The quality and exclusivity of the projects, often created by architects of international renown, together with a strict respect for deadlines, make it possible to achieve the goals of real estate value growth and maximisation of expected return.


Strong specialisation in the design and manufacture of industrial, mechanical, electrical and civil machinery and systems. Each project lies outside standard criteria and is developed ad hoc according to the customer’s specifications, to create genuine prototypes. Design activity is based in the Italian plants, while production is spread across international sites or via agreements with local producers, facilitating distribution in the global market.


Development, manufacturing and management of high-technology plants dedicated to the production of electricity from renewable sources. The projects, spread throughout Italy and designed with maximum respect for environmental sustainability, cover the solar, wind and biomass sectors.