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Who We Are

A highly competitive group in continuous growth, thanks to its disciplined investment program, extraordinary dynamism, strategic organisation and focused coordination. The combination of specialist resources in an international context encourage the strengthening of expertise, the development of innovative products and an increasing presence in various markets, always ready to cope with the shifting circumstances of an increasingly complex global environment.

Tools for Growth

A targeted strategy that allowsconstant growth

The evolution of the various businesses has always been guided by solid experience, specialist know-how, manufacturing flexibility and supervision of production cycles. The adoption of common strategic plans allows the Group to pursue a balanced program of development, both within the different companies and externally, through targeted acquisitions. The diversified activities and strong territorial base of each company make it possible to minimise the risk factors associated with economic cycles in the medium to long term. The parent company’s management as always placed a high priority on careful financial management, guiding the growth of a family-owned business which is distinguished by its long-term vision and timely decision-making, as well as by the robustness of its managerial organisation.


The Group’s mission is to provide the customer with high-quality products, systems and services, operating in partnership with selected suppliers to ensure the development and use of more efficient technology, which is compatible with safety and the environment. The Group uses ESG-type evaluation criteria in all decision-making processes.


The strategic vision adopted by the parent company, Domo Media - Media Finanziaria, is to hold controlling interests in companies operating in both mature and rapidly growing sectors, with a long-term investment horizon. An industrial Group that, while maintaining deep historical and cultural links with Italy, embraces an international entrepreneurial vision, operating on five continents.


The companies share a common ethic focused on the centrality of people and respect for their physical and moral integrity. Attention to the needs and expectations of our interlocutors, fairness and transparency in our procedures and compliance with the relevant regulations make up the remaining values on which the growth of the Group is based.

A 60-Year History.
Project by project.

The Group’s activity began in 1961, with the founding of a company operating in the metalwork fabrication sector.
Today the Domo Media - Media Finanziaria Group is a solid organisation that brings together many qualified companies, each of which is a well-established expert in its own specific field: industry, real estate or energy.

  • Start of industrial activities in the metalwork fabrication sector with the founding of the company Zambetti e Lumina.

  • Expansion of industrial output and diversification into the real estate sector.

  • Implementation of synergies between the various companies in the Group and growth of strategic businesses.

  • Development of technologies, proprietary products and services focused on customers’ needs.

  • Internationalisation of the Group and introduction of global suppliers, as well as the start of new activities relating to the generation of energy from renewable sources.

  • Expansion of the range of high-technology products and services, search for new initiatives and strategic agreements with primary companies operating in the global market.